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Jake Soha - Vocals, Banjo, Mandolin, Guitar

Dani Jo Soha- Vocals, Bass, Harmonica

 Rock Creek Song Dogs is a husband and wife duo from Mondovi, WI with Jake and Dani Jo Soha. Playing covers of their favorite songs lead to them write multiple original songs. The couple first met when they were both 15 and their shared passion for music brought them together, and were married in 2007 at the ages of 21.  Growing musically over the years Jake learned to play guitar, banjo, and mandolin while Dani fell in love with guitar, bass guitar and harmonica.  Both enjoy singing immensely, with his raspy passion and her understated, mellow tone.  The band enjoys playing live venues immensely and their charisma is apparent on stage.  The Duo currently have two original albums "Perseverance & Gin" and "Dead Man Pickin" 


Perseverance & Gin

  In 2018 the group released their debut original album "Perseverance & Gin".  All of the music was recorded and mixed by the band in home studios, with the help and support of many knowledgeable friends.  The majority of the recordings took place in a monolithic dome where Jake, Dani and their children were living.  The tracks were then mastered by Brian Bethke at his studio in Osseo,WI.  Rock Creek Song Dogs' music is a unique blend of folk, bluegrass, country and rock.  Heavy influences of both old time music and modern folk are present on P&G.  


Dead Man Pickin'

In 2019, Rock Creek Song Dogs recorded and released their second album "Dead Man Pickin' ''. An objectively dark take on bluegrass and folk music, their sophomore album has an broody yet energetic feel to it.  "Dead Man Pickin' " was recorded in the bands' home studio in Mondovi, WI which was dubbed "Buffalo River Records".  


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"Perseverance & Gin" and "Dead Man Pickin' " now available on iTunes, Spotify, and other streaming/downloading platforms

Rock Creek Song Dogs